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Washington University’s faculty are distinguished both for their teaching and for their research and creative activities. Virtually all of the full-time teaching faculty hold the doctorate or final professional degree in their fields, and the same professors often teach both undergraduate and graduate courses. Twenty-three Nobel laureates have been associated with Washington University, nine doing the major part of their pioneering research here.

Faculty have received many honors, including major literary prizes; national and international fellowships; major awards for teaching, research and service; and honors from governments of other nations. Current faculty serve on editorial boards of more than 250 professional and scholarly journals. Instructional faculty in all schools totals 3,395 — including both full-time and adjunct faculty.

Faculty as well as students are engaged in learning at Washington University. To promote learning, the university encourages independence, boldness and originality of thought. All are encouraged to develop the skills, attitudes and habits of lifelong learning to better adapt to a rapidly evolving society and continued demands for new knowledge and new skills.

To help faculty enhance course preparation and classroom performance, Washington University has developed the Teaching Center. The university also has a Writing Center, designed to encourage and support student writing.

Learning is achieved in classrooms, libraries, laboratories and studios; in the residential colleges; through internships, study-abroad programs and academic competitions; and in intramural and varsity athletics and nearly 300 student organizations. Here, students develop leadership, shape values, define directions and gain skills for their professional endeavors.