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Louis D. Beaumont Pavilion

Beaumont Pavillion

Louis D. Beaumont Pavilion The outdoor stage in front of Cupples I is Beaumont Pavilion. Construction began on the Pavilion in 1965 and is the site for the annual Commencement ceremonies as well as a number of other functions, such as outdoor theater productions and concerts.

Louis D. Beaumont
Louis D. Beaumont

Louis D. Beaumont was born on April 26, 1857, in Dayton, Ohio. He and his two brothers joined with David May, their brother-in-law, in the 1880s to form the May Shoe and Clothing Company, which became the predecessor to May Department Stores. Eventually Mr. Beaumont lived in Europe and supervised the company's foreign interests. He was a contributor to many charitable causes. He died on October 1, 1942.

Through the Louis D. Beaumont Foundation, the University built the Beaumont Pavilion, established a lecture series, funded a number of scholarships, and began the Beaumont-May Institute for Neurological Studies.