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Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr. House

Hitzeman House

Originally Hitzeman House was named Hall "G" and opened as a mens dormitory. Later it was renamed Hitzeman HouseHerbert F. Hitzeman, Jr. It is now a suite dormitory for upperclassmen. Hitzeman House is part of the HIGE Rescollege along with Hurd House, Myers House, and Eliot House. The HIGE title comes from the original names of the dormitories halls "G", "H", "I", and Eliot House.

Herbert Hitzeman
Herbert Hitzeman

Hitzeman retired June of 1990 as Senior Vice Chancellor for Washington University Relations after 24 years of service. Under his direction, the University completed three major fund raising campaigns, and improved alumni, development, and public relations. Hitzeman was dedicated in the honor of Mr. Hitzeman's achievements and dedication to the University.