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Millbrook Square Apartments

Exterior of Millbrook Apartments

Construction on the Millbrook Square Apartments began in the spring of 1946. The four buildings were originally designed to accommodate 70 faculty members and their families.

The complex was renovated in 1982 to provide apartment living for 310 students. It now houses junior and senior undergraduates. Each apartment has a furnished common room, kitchen, and one or two bathrooms, as well as In-Room Data Connections and phone lines connected to the University's systems. The apartments also surround a pool in Millbrook Square

Courtyard of Millbrook Apartments

Millbrook Square Apartments are scheduled to be replaced with new buildings similar to the Village in 2007-2008.

The name Millbrook comes from the combinations of the last names of David Millar and Robert Brookings. David Millar was a Washington University graduate and brother in the Gamma Omicron Chapter of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He was the mayor of University City from 1933 to 1937, and a prominent Saint Louis Lawyer. Robert Brookings was a Saint Louis businessman and president of the Washington University Board of Directors from 1891 to 1928. Brookings Hall and Brookings Quadrangle both are named after Robert Brookings. Millbrook Square, Millbrook Building, and the Millbrook Pedestrian Overpass all also adorn the Millbrook name.