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Earl E. and Myrtle E. Walker Hall

Walker Hall

The Earl E. and Myrtle E. Walker Hall was dedicated on October 25, 2006. It was designed by Fumihiko Maki, a former Washington University professor that has also worked on Tower 4 at the World Trade Center site and for the United Nations. Walker Hall contains approximately 38,000 square feet of studio space. There is a sculpture studio on the lower level, ceramics, woodworking, and metalworking on the main level, and painting on the upper level.

Earl E. and Myrtle E. Walker have achieved much in their business and philanthropic ventures over their lives. Earl Walker was born February 12, 1920 in St. Louis, Missouri. Earl and Myrtle both graduated from Kirkwood High School. They founded Carr Lane Manufacturing in 1952 as response to a percieved market for airplane construction tools. Over many years the Walkers have built their company from an original garage based operation to one of the world's largest manufacturors of tooling products. Earl and Myrtle are now the CEO and vice president of Carr Lane Manufacturing Company. Earl has also served on the board of directors for a variety of organizations.

Earl and Myrtle Walker

The Walkers have been very active in the St. Louis community for a number of years. Earl has contributed substantially with community service leading him to be named the Kirkwood, Missouri Citizen of the Year in 1971. Earl and Myrtle have contributed through service and donations to the YMCA, Girl Scouts, and Triumph Church. They also funded new construction projects and educational initiatives for Kirkwood High School. Earl, along with Les Denny, also established the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic for Childhood Language Disorders in 1989. The Myrtle E. Walker Scholarship Fund was started in 2001, which provides a scholarship for students in the Sam Fox School of Visual Design & Visual Arts. In 2004, Earl was awarded the Kirkwood, Missouri Lifetime Achievement Award.