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Lucy and Stanley Lopata House

Lopata House

The Lucy and Stanley Lopata House was dedicated on October 20, 2001. Lopata House provides small group housing for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Washington University. Students who share similar interests can form a BLOC, so they can live together and learn from each other about the common interest. In the building there are kitchens, lounges, classrooms, a computer lab, a prayer room, and a multipurpose room. There is also the Great Room, a formal room usable for dinners and other social events.

Stanley Lopata Lucy Lopata
Stanley and Lucy Lopata

Stanley Lopata was a 1935 Washington University College of Arts & Sciences graduate. Founders of Carboline Corporation, Mr. and Mrs. Lopata grew the basement chemical laboratory into a $46 million business. Together, they have been longtime friends of the University, and especially the School of Engineering. Other memorials to them on campus are Lopata Hall, Lopata Courtyard in Simon Hall, the Lopata Classic, a men's basketball tournament held every fall, and Lopata Plaza.